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Health Alert: The Truth About Gluten

By Silvia Martineli | 09 de Fevereiro de 2017 | 0 Coments

Many people who practice a gluten-free lifestyle are not necessarily suffering from celiac disease, yet the market for gluten-free products continues to increase. You can see changes daily as more and more grocery stores are making room for lengthy isles of gluten-free items. This is great news for the gluten sensitive and those living with harsh autoimmune conditions such as celiac disease. Oddly enough, a large percentage of gluten free product shoppers do not suffer any outright type of gluten sensitivity. They choose the lifestyle for perceived health reasons. 

Dr Tom O’Bryan, a researcher specializing in celiac disease & gluten intolerance says ‘Everyone has heard some reference to this (gluten sensitivity and celiac disease) and that it seems to be a problem for a friend or a family member and some people are saying it’s a fad and unhealthy.’  

Those living with celiac disease absolutely require a gluten-free diet.  However, Dr O’Bryan also states that there are over 19,000 articles in the medical literature on gluten sensitivity and its impact throughout the body on non-celiac patients.  Researchers are now seeing between 3 - 6 out of 10 people have elevated antibodies to one of the properties of gluten.  It can show up as headaches or seizures or attention deficit or any number of symptoms.  According to Dr O’Bryan ‘It doesn’t matter what the symptoms are, if the protocols you’re currently doing are not getting the ideal results you want, you may want to think about a possible gluten sensitivity’s contributing to that.’

Dr Alessio Fasano, director of pediatric gastroenterology from Harvard Mass General Hospital, notes ‘the problem with gluten is that no human can digest it. It’s impossible to digest the gluten proteins that are in wheat, barley and rye. ‘Scientists and researchers have discovered that no human protein digestive enzyme made by the pancreas or the liver is capable of breaking down gluten. 

If this is the case than the fact that there are more and more gluten-free food options is a good thing.  So what’s the big deal then, about trying to live a gluten free lifestyle? A large issue is that gluten shows up in an enormous amount of food products that we aren’t even aware of like: ketchup, soya sauce, even applesauce to name a few.  Be diligent and watch your ingredient labels and look for the Gluten-free symbol.

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