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Sugar & Soda Overload: How to Get your Kids to Eat Healthier

By Silvia Martineli | 07 de Março de 2017 | 0 Coments

If you refer to your kids as picky eaters but want to raise food-smart kids, you need to include in your arsenal some positive eating tips to get them on the right track. Food preferences change as we age. Some things we once disliked have suddenly become our favorite foods, but waiting for these food changes to occur in your kids could take years. 

Young kids can be raised food-smart and taught to make healthy nutritional choices for themselves with a positive and supportive environment. Director of the childhood obesity prevention laboratory at Louisiana State University, Melinda Sothern, PhD, offers some tips for getting your kids to eat healthy.

Keep healthy foods in the home
Kids will eat what’s available, so if you keep a fruit bowl on the counter (where they can reach it), they’ll be much more likely to snack on an apple. You can help by setting an example and also eating fruit and vegetables for snacks. 

Praise their healthy choices

When they reach for a piece of fruit or vegetable for their snack, it’s important to praise their healthy food choice. You can do this with a proud smile and reaffirm that whole grains, fruit, vegetables and low-fat dairy products are great choices. 

No food restrictions

Placing restrictions on foods increases their risk of developing eating disorders later in life. Instead of banning items, talk to them about what healthy food choices are and encourage them to choose whole grains, dairy, fruits and vegetables. 

Avoid labeling ‘good’ or ‘bad’ food choices
Instead of teaching children that sugar is bad, relate foods to things they care about. If your child is active in sports, for example, explain how lean meat (such as turkey) and the calcium in dairy products gives them strength to accomplish the sports they like. 

Never condemn their choices
When your kids want something you deem as unhealthy, suggest healthier options. Instead of a bag of potato chips, offer baked tortilla chips and salsa. In place of sweet candy, try fresh strawberries dipped in light cream or a bit of chocolate. 

Keeping other healthy foods choices at hand will also teach them there are alternatives. Dried fruit are fun and quick and much healthier than candy or processed choices. For the food sensitive or very picky eater, gluten-free Brazilian cheese puff snacks are an easy, never fail option!

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